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History in Photos

These photographs are a record of early Bolton residents and their relationship with the Humber River. With a little imagination you can almost see the path of the present day Humber Valley Heritage Trail as it follows the river from the Glasgow Road trail head to the Old King Road/King Street East bridge.

Bolton Woolen Mill

Photo taken 1897. The original mill was built in 1855 at this Hamlet of Glasgow site.


Hickman Street Bridge

View from Glasgow Road looking south west.

View from the opposite bank looking south east.


Village of Bolton and the Mill Street Dam

Photo taken in 1910.
The wider channel to the right is the mill race
which was land filled in the 1970's and became Bolton Mill Park.


The original Mill Street dam was built by George Bolton In 1823.


Photo taken in from the Bolton dam in 1910 looking north west.


Andrew McFall built this new dam downstream from the George Bolton dam in 1912.


Photo taken from the Founders Park location on Mill Street.


Views From Humberlea Road To King Street East At Old King Road

Photo by Robertson Matthews C.1900.
The men fishing in the mill race as it rejoins the Humber River behind the McFall Mill.

Daughters of Albert Dodds who established Dodds Carriage Works in 1873,
fishing in the river below the McFall's Mill.


Photo taken C. 1900 down river from the mill race.



Many Thanks to Heather R. Ghey Broadbent and the Albion-Bolton Historical Society for providing us with the above information.

Please note that the above displayed images are the sole property of the "Albion Bolton Historical Society",and should not be copied, reproduced in any form or used in any other material. For further information please contact the "Albion Bolton Historical Society".

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